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Automata Benefit 2009

March 21st

Automata, the parent organization of The Manual Archives, is having a big benefit featuring a silent auction of special art objects. Miniature spectacles of all varieties. Live Music, Dancing, Eating and more.

7:30-11:00 PM, March 21st

Metabolic Studios at Farmlab in downtown Los Angeles

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Concrete Folk Variations

Episode 3

April 17th- 26th, 2009

Concrete Folk is a serial noir set in the copshops, lesbain bars and street cars of McCarthy era Los Angeles. The show appears regularly at The Manual Archives.

Written and Directed by Susan Simpson

Stay tuned. More details coming soon.


Imagined Spaces, Imagined Lives

June 5th, 6th and 7th and June 26th, 27th and 28th

This June, The Manual Archives will present “Imagined Spaces, Imagined Lives,” a series of collaborations between architects and puppet theater artists. Dream citizens will inhabit impossible inventions as all practical considerations are dispensed with and all hallucinations are entertained. Artists are invited to modify the premises, conduct architectural interventions, utilize the rooftop, the proscenium stage, and the storefront window.