The Manual Archives

From Osaka to Sicily from Mali to Liege, puppet theater has been a vehicle for preserving and regional history and myth. With disarming visual appeal and uncanny mimicry, puppets have passed on factual and fictional stories specific to the places from which they sprang. The Manual Archives seeks to bring this tradition to the sprawling global city of Los Angeles. Undaunted by the ridiculous impossibility of the task, The Manual Archives will gather statistics, anecdotal evidence, folklore, protestations, blatant fabrications, and legitimate oral histories. The findings of these efforts will be returned to the city in a series of overlapping and interrelated puppet plays, films, books, maps, and artifacts.

While inspired by traditional puppet theater this work is rooted in contemporary aesthetics and experimentation. Projected and manipulated film and video, mechanized and electronic objects, and all forms of technological avatars and mimics will play alongside manual puppets. The Manual Archives is a lens through which to view the city and its many doubles.

The Manual Archives is a project of the nonprofit organization AUTOMATA.


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